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►Available as entire set of 14 postcards. (You will receive everything you see here!)

►OR choose set of 6 postcards.

SET 1:

Akatsuki, Kakashi, ANBU, Hinata wedding, Naruto/Sasuke Emperor, Naruto & Bee

SET 2:

Naruto+Sasuke, Uchiha Brothers, Shikamaru, Team 7, Konoha High, Jounin Naruto & Sasuke

►Art & Photography by SAJU Art. Every postcard is signed on the back!


►All photos were taken by me on my personal travels, and then drawn over. One of my favorite projects to do~
►The cities and countries are written on the postcards.
►Most of the countries are Japan, South Korea, China, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

►14 pt Gloss Cover, printed to the edge (full bleed).


►Packaged in bubble envelope with cardboard backing.
►Ships in 1-2 business days, with 3-Day Shipping.