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Set II A:TLA Pins (Suki, Iroh & Momo) HERE

✦Yue 2 Piece Pin Set HERE

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Azula | Gold Plating | 2.25" in height

Zuko | Gold Plating | 2" in height

Aang | Silver Plating with white glitter | 1.75" in height

Katara | Black Metal Plating | 2" in height

Sokka | Black Metal Plating | 2" in height

Toph | Silver Plating | 2" in height

Appa | Gold Plating | 1.75" in height

✧Please note that every pin is handmade so there may be very minor imperfections which may include tiny scuff marks or slight discoloration of metal, but I try to only send out nearly perfect pins. B-grade pins will be offered as well!